May 28, 2024
How Many Teeth Do Kids Lose

Losing baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, milk teeth, deciduous teeth, or temporary teeth, is an important milestone in a child’s development. As kids grow, their baby teeth fall out to make room for permanent adult teeth.

It marks the transition from having a mouth full of baby teeth to growing permanent teeth that will last a lifetime. Understanding the timeline, order, and other details around losing primary teeth can help parents know what to expect as their child grows.

Most kids start losing their first tooth around age 5 or 6, but the age range is quite wide, from as early as 4 years old to as late as 7 or 8 years old.

So, how many teeth will a child lose before they have a full set of grown-up chompers? Let’s take a bite out of this topic.

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Baby Teeth Basics

Children are born toothless (obviously, except for rare natal teeth). Around 6 months of age, the first set of baby teeth start pushing through the gums. These are known as primary or deciduous teeth. By age 3, kids have a full set of 20 baby teeth:

AreaNumber of TeethTypes of Teeth
Top teeth102 central incisors, 2 lateral incisors, 2 canines, 4 molars
Bottom teeth102 central incisors, 2 lateral incisors, 2 canines, 4 molars
Total Baby Teeth20 

These baby teeth serve important functions, like helping kids chew and speak properly. They also hold space in the jaw for permanent teeth developing under the gums.

Image source: Wheeler’s Dental Anatomy, Physiology, and Occlusion Eleventh Edition by Stanley J. Nelson

How Many Teeth Do Kids Lose?

The simple answer is – kids will lose all 20 of their primary or baby teeth!

These teeth fall out because they are smaller and make room for the larger permanent teeth developing under the gums. By age 13, a child should have lost all baby teeth and have 28 permanent teeth.

Primary Teeth Eruption

A baby’s first tooth generally emerges at the age of 6 to 10 months. As stated, these teeth are known as primary or milk teeth. The eruption of baby teeth lasts until 2.5–3 years of age.

The timeline for primary teeth eruption is as follows:

OrderToothCommon NameEruption Age
1stLower central incisorsLower front teeth6 to 10 months
2ndUpper central incisorsUpper front teeth8 to 12 months
3rdUpper lateral incisorsUpper side teeth9 to 13 months
4thLower lateral incisorsLower side teeth10 to 16 months
5thUpper first molarsUpper back teeth13 to 19 months
6thLower first molarsLower back teeth14 to 18 months
7thUpper caninesUpper eye teeth (fangs)16 to 22 months
8thLower caninesLower eye teeth (fangs)17 to 23 months
9thLower second molarsLower back teeth23 to 31 months
10thUpper second molarsUpper back teeth25 to 33 months

What Teeth Do Kids Lose?

Around age 5 or 6, baby teeth will start falling out as permanent teeth begin pushing through. This marks the transition from a mouthful of baby teeth to permanent adult teeth.

The first teeth to go are typically the lower central incisors (bottom front teeth). However, every child is different. Here’s the usual order and timeline when kids lose their 20 baby teeth:

Order LostBaby ToothLayman NameAge Range
1stLower central incisorsBottom front teeth5-7 years
2ndUpper central incisorsTop front teeth6-7 years
3rdLower lateral incisorsBottom side teeth7-8 years
4thUpper lateral incisorsTop side teeth7-8 years
5thFirst molarsBack grinding teeth9-11 years
6thCaninesFangs9-12 years
7thSecond molarsRear most teeth10-12 years

Most kids have lost all their baby teeth by around age 12.

Signs Your Child Is Losing Teeth

Watch for these clues that a tooth is about to fall out:

  • Darker or yellowish color
  • Feels loose or wiggles
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Tooth pain
  • New permanent tooth visible

Let your child wiggle loose teeth themselves – don’t pull them out early.

Caring for Lost Teeth

When your child loses a tooth, follow these tips:

  • Have them bite on gauze to stop bleeding
  • Avoid hard or sticky foods
  • Gently brush the empty socket
  • Monitor the emerging permanent tooth
  • Visit the dentist regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

How many baby teeth do kids lose?

Kids lose all 20 primary or baby teeth.

Do kids lose all 32 teeth?

No, kids only lose 20 baby teeth.

How many teeth are lost by age 10?

Around 8 baby teeth.

How many teeth do children naturally lose?

All 20 baby teeth.


Losing baby teeth and getting permanent teeth is an important part of your child’s development. Kids will lose a total of 20 primary teeth between ages 5 and 12. Pay attention to the timeline, but don’t worry if your child is a little early or late. With proper dental care, you can help make sure the tooth loss process goes smoothly. You can contact me if you have any further queries or questions. I am always up for your kids’ dental care discussion.

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