May 28, 2024


Meet Dr. Krupali Gadhvi

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I’m Dr. Krupali Gadhvi, your guide to the world of pediatric dentistry. I graduated with my Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from the esteemed College of Dental Sciences & Research Centre, Ahmedabad, and am presently broadening my skills by pursuing Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) in Pediatrics and Preventive Dentistry at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur. My journey is driven by a deep passion for promoting and preserving children’s oral health.


The vision behind is to create a trusted, user-friendly space where parents and caregivers can acquire knowledge about their children’s dental health. In today’s age of information overload, I realized the need for a reliable resource where truths about children’s dentistry could be communicated simply, debunking the many myths that often cause unnecessary anxiety.

What Can You Expect Here? is a treasure trove of scientifically-backed information and personal insights drawn from my own clinical experiences. The blog covers a vast range of topics pertaining to children’s oral health, broken down into digestible articles.

Let’s Embark on This Journey Together

As a staunch believer in the adage ‘prevention is better than cure,’ I am dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge that encourages good oral health habits from an early age. Join me on this journey to ensure your children’s optimal oral and overall health. I invite questions, suggestions, and dialogues. Remember, we’re in this together, striving to gift our children the healthiest, happiest smiles.

Thank you for your trust and time. Welcome to our community.

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Dr. Krupali Gadhvi

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